NetSuite’s financial management solutions facilitate daily financial transactions, streamline budgeting and forecasting cycles, ensure adherence to compliance requirements, and expedite the financial closing process. Utilizing our cloud-based platform, businesses can gain access to real-time insights into their financial performance, from a consolidated view to granular transactional details. Furthermore, NetSuite’s financial management seamlessly integrates with other business applications such as order management, inventory, CRM, and commerce, allowing for a unified solution to run the entirety of your operations.

cfo financial dashboard
Planning and Budgeting
Revenue Recognition
Financial Reporting
Financial Consolidation
Governance, Compliance

Effortlessly combine essential accounting features, such as general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, tax management, fixed assets management, cash management, and payment management with instantaneous visibility and business insights, enhancing financial performance.

Simplify billing operations with immediate access to financial and billing activity information. Consolidate invoicing, automate rating processes, and facilitate multiple pricing models. Manage recurring subscription billing effortlessly with automated renewals.

Conduct both enterprise-wide and departmental financial planning and budgeting, utilizing modeling capabilities, approval workflows, and reporting within a collaborative, expandable system.

Abide by accounting regulations such as ASC 606 and IFRS 15, and promptly report financial outcomes. Simplify the intricacies of evolving revenue recognition regulations, regardless of whether a sale consists of a single performance obligation, a series of obligations across a period, or diverse obligations in a package.

Access an all-inclusive view of your business instantly and in real-time. Customized, role-based dashboards, reports, and KPIs offer personalized, comprehensive insights into company performance, facilitating improved decision-making. Produce precise financial statements and reports that meet US GAAP, IFRS, and other accounting criteria.

Consolidate the management of accounting processes, data, and reporting across various business units, subsidiaries, and regions. Speed up the closing process with automated consolidations, while ensuring compliance with applicable accounting standards, tax codes, and regulations, regardless of your location.

Access audit-ready solutions that bolster and enable your company’s governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) initiatives. A diverse range of reports and certifications, as well as integrated capabilities and processes, address growingly intricate regulatory, operational, and compliance mandates effortlessly.