Professional Services Automation (PSA)

NetSuite’s SuiteProjects, a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution, offers an all-inclusive, cloud-based system that caters to an entire services enterprise. From managing projects and resources to monitoring time and expenses, and from project accounting to billing and invoicing, SuiteProjects facilitates the swift and profitable completion of projects, precise and efficient invoicing, and reduced accounts receivable cycles.
cfo financial dashboard

Deliver Projects on Time and Within Budget

By leveraging collaborative features, project managers and team members can work together on projects while keeping a real-time and precise overview of the current status. This enables businesses to identify and address potential issues proactively, and obtain an understanding of expenses, thus optimizing project performance.

Accurate Project Accounting and Billing

Integrating project activities with company financials guarantees precise accounting and billing throughout the project lifecycle. By automating billing and revenue recognition, payment processing is expedited, and financial transparency is improved, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined financial management process.